Natural Calming for Dogs and Cats

100% Handmade - 100% Natural - 0% chemical Additives

Calming Collars - has been a successful and proven method from the USA for many years.

In this natural way, your pet is helped to gently relieve symptoms of stress, relax and calm down. We want our animals to be well - our pets are not only companions; they are also our family members and partners.

We offer our individually handmade collars made of 100% cotton in three different fillings - depending on your needs and application. Our product is safe, effective, easy to use and particularly important, our herbal products are free of artificial or chemical additives.

Calm Me Down

A specially developed blend of herbs

Used to help reduce fear and stress from fireworks, storms and bad weather, loud noises, hyperactivity, separation anxiety or other stress-causing events

Good To Go

A specially developed blend of herbs

Used to help relax your pet and if they feel sick when traveling in a car, boat or plane. It helps combat motion sickness and nausea.

Cooling Collar

Filled with non-toxic polymer crystals

Used to help with overheating or dogs that get too warm

Each individual collar is handmade and only freshly filled when ordered.

You order the collar for your pet based on the body size (single, double, extra wide) and the neck circumference (from XS to XL) and choose one of our many colorful fabric motifs. The buckle gives you the opportunity to adjust the fit perfectly and variably.

Your order is usually dispatched within a week.

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