Product description

Each of our collars is handmade and only filled with the herbs or polymer crystals when you order.

"Calm Me Down"

"Good To Go"

"Cooling Collar"

You order the collar for your pet based on the body size (single, double, extra wide for the width of the collar) and the neck circumference (from XS to XL) and choose one of our many colorful fabric motifs.

Use a conventional tape measure to loosely measure your pet's neck circumference. Based on the measurement result, choose the right size of the desired collar.

Double (standard): two chambers filled - approx. 5 cm wide - suitable for small to medium-sized dogs

Size: S = 27-35 cm / M = 34-44 cm / L = 43-54 cm / XL = 54-64 cm

Single: one chamber filled - approx. 2.5 cm wide - suitable for cats and small dogs

Size: XS = 24-32 cm / S = 27-36 cm / M = 34-44 cm

Extra wide: four chambers filled - approx. 10 cm wide - suitable for large to very large dogs

Size: M = 34-42 cm / L = 42-50 cm / XL = 48-58 cm


Please contact us, if you need a larger neck circumference

The closure gives you the opportunity to adjust the fit perfectly and variably.

 The collar is not intended to be attached to a leash and it not suggested as a collar replacement.

If you like our Calming Collars collars, we look forward to your recommendation!

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