About us

How did we get started with Calming Collars? 

During our vacation in the USA a few years ago we got to know the founders and inventors of Calming Collars USA. They have been successfully selling Calming Collars for over 15 years. 

Our two dogs come from animal welfare. Each of the two has an issue that stresses them in their respective situations. Carlo doesn't like to ride in a vehicle and Barney is very excited every time he visits the vet. Until we got to know Calming Collars, we had also tried a few things. Chemical additives or substances were by no means an option for us. 

Looking for a great solution, we came across Calming Collars. Which we immediately liked very much! It is free from chemical additives and only from natural herbs. At first, we were skeptical whether this could actually work. We thought "trial makes you smart" and were absolutely delighted with the way it works and the result.

Over the years, we have developed a very good friendship with the founders of Calming Collars.  We decided to exclusively distribute Calming Collars in Europe. This is only possible if you are convinced of something - Calming Collars has have convinced us!

Every pet owner is always interested in the well-being of his four-legged friend and wants to protect his four-legged friend from uncomfortable and stressful situations or to reduce anxiety and stressful situations as much as possible.

The natural effect of Calming Collars fascinated and convinced us!

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