Calm Me Down

"Calm Me Down" Collar is a blend of calming herbs that has been specially developed for pets to help them overcome stress and anxiety and be more relaxed.

The areas of application are diverse, the collar helps dogs and cats deal better with separation anxiety, thunder phobia (fear of thunderstorms), fireworks, loud noises, stressful situations such as visits to the vet or longer car trips. It is also effective in fighting excessive barking and helps relax hyperactive dogs and puppies.

The "Calm Me Down" collar is effective for several hours at a time - put on in the morning, it is effective until evening - long after a drug has lost its effect. The collar can also only be worn for a few hours, e.g. to minimize the fear of storm or to make the visit to the vet less stressful. For these applications, the collar is preferably put on the animal 1-2 hours before the respective event so that the effect can develop.

We use a proprietary formula made from lavender, chamomile and coniferous plants - no essential oils, chemical or other fillers, only the natural untreated dried herbs.

Each of our handmade collars are made of 100% cotton and are only freshly filled with the herbs when you order them.

The duration of effectiveness of "Calm Me Down" depends on the frequency of wearing. With average use, this is 6-12 months and depends on the frequency, duration of wear and storage.

In most cases, if the collar is worn 24/7, the effect lasts for 3-4 months. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the specified service life, it is recommended to store the collar in the supplied and resealable bag after use.

Please only clean the surface with a damp cloth.

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