How can I order?

Online via our webshop or by email at kontakt@calmingcollars.de

In what situations should the Calming Collars collar be worn? 

It helps to calm the animal with nervousness, anxiety, loud noises, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, as well as in stressful situations, like a visit to the vet or groomer, car trips, separation anxiety.

How do I determine the correct size for a Calming Collars collar?

Use a cloth tape measure to measure your pet's neck circumference. Based on the measurement result, select the appropriate size of the desired collar.

What sizes are there?

Double (standard):

available in sizes: S = 27-35 cm / M = 34-44 cm / L = 43-53 cm / XL = 54-64 cm

two chambers filled with herbs - approx. 5 cm wide - suitable for small to medium-sized dogs


available in sizes: XS = 24-32 cm / S = 27-36 cm / M = 34-44 cm 

one chamber filled with herbs - approx. 2.5 cm wide - suitable for cats and small dogs

Extra wide: 

available in sizes: M = 34-42 cm / L = 42-50 cm / XL = 48-58 cm

four chambers filled with herbs - approx. 10 cm wide - suitable for large to very large dogs 

The size can be adjusted by moving the fabric on the right and left through the clasp.


Please contact us, if you need a larger neck circumference

What materials are used?

The collar is made of 100% cotton - the filling consists of a proprietary, specially coordinated recipe made from natural and untreated herbs, lavender, chamomile, coniferous plants - without the addition of essential oils or other fillers.

How long does a Calming Collars collar last?

How long a collar lasts depends on the exposure to air. With average use, this is 6-12 months and depends on the frequency, duration of wear and storage. In most cases, if the collar is worn 24/7, the effect lasts for 3-4 months. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the specified service life, it is recommended to store the collar in the supplied and resealable bag after use. 

Please only clean the surface with a damp cloth!

What happens if my pet eats his Calming Collars collar?

 Eating herbs is not harmful but is not recommended. 

How long is the delivery time from the time of the order?

 After receiving the order, the delivery time including manufacturing is 7-10 working days within Germany.

Each Calming Collars collar is produced and filled after your order has been received.

Do you have any further questions?

 We look forward to your email to: kontakt@calmingcollars.de

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