Cooling Collar

"Cooling Collar" Collar helps pets that tend to overheat. They are briefly soaked in water (approximately 5 to 10 minutes). The polymer crystals inside the collar turn into a gel and expand. The cooling gel helps your dog stay cool. "Cooling Collar" is popular with dogs and their owners.

Dogs cannot sweat, so too much heat can be harmful for the animal. But not if their owner orders him a "cooling collar"!

Please note! "Cooling Collar" is NOT a calming collar and is not filled with herbs.

The collar, made of 100% cotton, is filled with non-toxic polymer crystals. You soak it in water for about 5 to 10 minutes, the crystals expand and turn into a gel that stays cool for hours – even days. Please do not leave the process unattended - otherwise the crystals could over expand and split the fabric!

The outer cotton dries quickly, but the gel inside stays hydrated and keeps your pet cool. You can use the "Cooling Collar" every day by soaking it again and keep it cool in the meantime. Rinse briefly with cold water after each use.

If the collar is kept dry, it will take a few days for your "Cooling Collar" to return to its original crystal state. When using again, simply soak again! If necessary, please wash the collar by hand only with a mild detergent. Please only let it air dry and do not store wet.

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